How do you plan a superset workout?

What is an example of a superset exercise?

Examples of exercises to use in supersets

  • Bench press and bent over row (working chest and back)
  • Leg extension and leg curl (working quadriceps and hamstrings)
  • Wide grip pulldowns and close grip seated row (both back exercises with varying ranges of movement)
  • Hammer curls and cable tricep extensions (biceps and triceps)

How do you superset to build muscle?

Some effective supersets for muscle hypertrophy are:

  1. Bench press supersetted with barbell row.
  2. Overhead press supersetted with lat pulldown.
  3. Leg extension supersetted with leg curl.
  4. Cable curl supersetted with triceps pushdown.

Can you superset 3 exercises?

What are Supersets / trisets / giant sets? Supersets are doing two exercises back to back with no break. Trisets are doing three exercises back to back with no break. Giant sets are doing 4 or more exercises back to back with no break.

What should I superset squats with?

You can superset squats and stiff-legged deadlifts, leg presses with leg curls, and leg extensions with glute ham raises, among others.

Is supersets good for bulking?

Compound supersets can produce amazing muscle growth in a very short period of time since you are performing two compound exercises, one after another. … Since this type of superset allows your muscle to rest for a short period, it will allow you to build strength, as well as size.

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How often should you superset?

Because supersets can be demanding from a metabolic and muscular-stress standpoint, the frequency of training specific groupings of exercises and/or functional body units, should be limited to two to three times per week. Adequate rest and recovery are key to progressing your strength for the long run.

Are supersets good for beginners?

Beginners should only do straight sets, not supersets or trisets. *A straight set is when you perform a single exercise, then rest one to two minutes before repeating.