What is the arc machine at Planet Fitness?

What is the arc machine good for?

About the Arc Trainer:

The Arc Trainer is an exercise equipment that has its pedal move in an arcuate motion. It actives the hamstring, quadriceps, and glute muscles, while putting less force on the knees and ankles. … Essentially, the Arc Trainer makes you stronger while improving your wellbeing.

Is Arc Trainer better than treadmill?

According to Cybex, you burn 16 percent more calories using an Arc Trainer than a standard elliptical trainer, and your body moves in an optimal path. You’ll also experience less stress on your joints than you might when running on a treadmill.

What is better Arc Trainer or elliptical?

Research proves the Arc Trainer is biomechanically more efficient. An independent study, conducted by Florida Atlantic University, revealed that the Cybex Arc Trainer is biomechanically more efficient than the leading elliptical trainer, and in fact, is better at activating the large muscles of the lower body.

Can you lose weight with Arc Trainer?

Cardiovascular fitness equipment such as Cybex Arc Trainers can be effective at helping you lose weight. Combine that with a healthy, nutrient-rich, reduced-calorie diet for the best results.

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How long should I use the Arc Trainer?

Try using the Total Body Arc Trainer for twenty minutes. Set it on manual and don’t forget to enter your body weight and get your stride rate up to 140 strides per minute. On the Arc, you can focus on either your legs or your arms.

How do you burn the most calories on the Arc Trainer?


Pick up the pace: The faster you move on the this machine, the more energy you will be using, and energy equals calories. Picking up your pace on the Cybex Arc Trainers translates to burning more calories, and that’s what you want. Aim for 120 to 150 or more strides per minute.

How accurate is the Arc Trainer?

Freedson speculates the Arc Trainer may use an algorithm designed for running, even though running inherently burns more calories. … The calorie readout is just that: an estimate.” However, even if the numbers on the Arc Trainer aren’t 100 percent accurate, that doesn’t mean it won’t give you a great workout.

What kind of cardio equipment does Planet Fitness have?

Planet Fitness equipment for cardio includes treadmills, stair masters, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, rowing machines, ARC trainers, and more. The Planet Fitness gyms are also equipped with weights and Smith Machines to help you build muscles, burn body fat, and strengthen your bones.